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Need a website?

I build websites. I’ve built websites for a long time.

I could build you a website…

If you need a website for a small business, for a project, for a good cause, or just because you have something to say and you want to put it online then get in touch. But first, read the rest of this page.

About the websites I build

I have some quite specific ideas about how the web should how. It’s sort of like a ‘manifesto’. Hopefully the website you want is aligned with the same sort of ideas, and if it is then we should definitely have a chat.

A website wireframe
A watercolour website wireframe.

There are five main points;

  1. The web should be fast.
    So many websites are awfully slow to load, slow to use, and take a huge amount of data just to browse a few important pages. That’s not good for users. Websites should be optimized to load quickly without using excessive amounts of data.
  2. Websites need to work in all browsers.
    Making a website that only displays properly in Chrome or on iOS treats web users who have chosen a different browser badly. Websites should be tested in every major browser, on lots of different devices, and with ad- and script-blocking plugins enabled.
  3. Websites shouldn’t track people excessively.
    The erosion of privacy on the internet is a problem, and many, many websites make it worse by including dozens of tracking scripts that take user data and pass it to lots of data brokerage companies. That data is useful, but it’s important to consider the utility of adding more than one analytics package.
  4. Every website should be accessible.
    Accessibility isn’t just making websites that work for people who need to use a screenreader; accessiblity is making websites for everyone. That means including features that make the website work with accessibility software, adding alternative text to images, adding keyboard navigation, and more.
  5. Websites should be built ethically.
    It’s incredibly easy to take a design from one website and build a copy of it, or to download an image from the web and use it in your website, or to take someone else’s copy and ‘rework’ it to be slightly different. That’s not fair on the people who worked hard on those assets in the first place, and website’s should be built with that in mind.

These things may sounds complicated and difficult, and reasons why a website might cost a lot to build, but they’re not. If you build this way things cost the same as when you don’t. You just get better results. Fast, accessible websites that have their own content index better in Google. They load more quickly for users. They’re just better websites.

Still interested?

If the five points above haven’t scared you away then please get in touch. The ideal way to approach me is by email - send a message to and mention something about websites in the subject.